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Welcome to EC lizw47!

When I came in it was like the greatest day. All of a sudden the light switch went on and I started to emerge from my hiding space. Once I could open up (and connect the dots) the floodgates opened. I was not prepared for what was coming at all! I will say that the Survival Guide is what helped me when I came in. It is such a relief to be in a comfortable place where you can learn and grow.

Everyone is different as far as honed ability, but I would start joining groups and asking questions! There are many book suggestions floating around depending on the direction you are pulled. Trust yourself!


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Hi LizW, welcome to the EC. To begin with, it is really hard to find out what your path is in a hurry. It takes time, lots of reading, talking with others, basically a whole bunch of learning. There are no text books or degrees in this. It is a life long learning adventure. It is all more than worth it though. I am having fun, but at times it can be rough too.

For me I found the best thing for me was learning protection in the beginning. I personally would suggest you start with checking out The Empath Survival Program on the main page. My personal favorite is The Zip Up Technique by Donna Eden.It is a short video and when you watch it once you will have it all down. Easy was good for me, especially when I first got here. One of our wonderful Trevor Lewis has also written a paper called Thriving as an Empaththat is wonderful you should take a look at. The group Tools for the Empathhas some other great suggestions for protection too.

There are 58 groups in the EC that will cover just about anything you want to know. Lots of questions have already been addressed and discussed in them. I would suggest reading through the ones that seem to fit with the way you feel. Asking questions is never a bad idea either. You will find most all of the people in here are very helpfuland there are isn't any dumb questions.

You have found the best site I have found in the EC. I hope you have as much fun learning with all of us and by all means join in on the discussions. Again welcome home.

Dan : )

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