Living with a depressed person

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My husband has chronic pain and is classified as disabled. He is under a doctor's care and sees a counselor once a week. He is also depressed. He also wallows in his misery and wants to talk about it. I am beginning to dread being around him. Some days when I come home from workI can almost feel the "yuk" before I enter the house. My days off have become something to endure instead of something to look forward to. I feel so guilty for feeling this way, but I cannot help him. Most times I surround myself with white light of protection and it helps deflect a good amount of his stuff, but today I must have let my guard down and I found myself almost suicidal by the end of the day(don't call anyone...I'm fine now.)

Does anyone else live in a toxic environment and how do you deal with it? I can't imagine spending the rest of my life like this.

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Hi Leslie,

My hubby has very bad depression and sometimes I just can't handle his stuff. I protect and try to separate myself from his stuff - but it's hard. The good thing is you realize what is happening (I was stupid for 7 years I thought it was just me.). Perhaps there is a crystal you can wear that would help? I'm still learning about them so I can't really help with that. There are a lot of really good and knowledgeable people on here. But having alone time - really alone time- is important. Take care of yourself hon.

Sending peace and light,


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