Protecting the ones you love.

4 years ago
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A lot of people become obsessed with shielding and grounding so I want to dispell a few myths.

Grounding energy is about dispersing excess energy, releasing the energy that you personally can not cope with so how do we do it? The easy answer is enjoy yourself...
You seem shocked that it could be so simple... The reason you are "off sorts", "out of character", "lethargic", or any other description you want to apply to why you don't feel right is because you have attracted an energy that is different to your own and this energy is not compatible with your normal energy.
Forget meditation where you go to another place full of fairies and angels and guides and spiritual beings, forget trying to find peace in a dark room with a candle, whilst this might work for some people it hasn't up til now worked for you. So here's a suggestion go do the washing up and while you are doing the washing up enjoy doing it, just focus on only washing up, don't worry about anything, just do the washing up, only the washing up, whenever a thought comes into your head look at what you are washing and wash it, just do the washing up nothing else. It does not matter what you choose to do, the point is whatever it be wether hoovering, washing, shopping, playing with the children just do that one thing.

You will discover your own energy taking control and restoring itself and any other energy that has attached itself to you will fall away.

Shielding: Do we need to shield? The answer for me is "NO"... at least not in the conventional sense.

I don't protect me from you, I don't protect me from the dark stuff.

The worst kept secret in the universe is, there is no such thing as "EVIL." The reality is that there are slower moving energies and because they are slower the light does not reflect or move through them as quickly as it does say " a rainbow." So lets understand the difference between fast, quick energy and slow energy. Light is fast ha ha ha ha ha sound is slower, actual physical energy is one of the slowest, physical energy is us, you and me. So am I saying that we are among the slowest energies around?


The vibration of actual physical energy is very slow in comparison to sound, which is very slow compared to light, the denser the energy the more likely you are to see it. If I am in a bad mood and you feel that I am in a bad mood, don't run away from me, cheer me up. Talk to me because I am having a bad day.

Let's go back to shielding as this was the original topic. Why don't I shield in the conventional sense? The reason is I love life, I am living the dream, if on occasion I am having a bad day I will shield you from me so that you don't experience my bad day. I don't protect me from you because I like to share your day no matter what sort of day you are having.

If I am in a bad mood, cheer me up, walk with me, raise my vibration, the slower energies that I didn't realise had attached to me will not keep up with me once my energies have lifted and my vibration quickens.

It has been a long time since I posted in the main forum so it will be interesting to see how long it stays here. With respect this is my humble opinion, I look forward to hearing yours.

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Emmy Long
Emmy Long
4 years ago
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I agree with a lot of what you have said. I'm still learning a lot as I'm fairly new to realizing my gift and what it is. I have come across things that I have feared were evil and it's refreshing to hear that maybe evil does not actually exist. I do always try to cheer up people who I sense are sad or lonely but I have to admit to shielding while I do it. And selfishly, or maybe not, I shield myself because as an empath it is hard for me not to take on these negative feelings I get from them. I wouldn't be able to help them if I felt just as lost and hopeless as they feel.

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