Is anyone more/ less sensitive depending on time of day or food consumption?

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Does anyone become more sensitive depending on the time of day, during different seasons or types of weather? Or do some food items like salt or chocolate seem to have a correlation to how receptive you are to the environment around you?

I ask because maybe if we are more aware of our triggers or "prompts" from the universe then we can avoid some likely pitfalls especially on days that we want to devote to our own health and well being. Maybe there's someone that didn't realize their favorite comfort food also relaxed them enough to allow them to see spirits because they stopped fighting it, or a seeing a show you hated as a child makes you angry & next thing you know its storming outside, that touching things from a certain time period began giving you past life flashes..... we all operate differently, so I was wondering what everyone else noticed

Here are some things I noticed about myself.

roaring20's -I love pictures ofthe clothes and hair( jumbo curls, up-dos & deep waves) and stage productions.

Alcohol - I tend to "see" people that are or will be of concern to those in the same room as me but rarely anything about that person there with me. I'm more vocal about warning people.

Caffeine - I feel emotions more intensely, and can hear thought fragments from people.

Sleepy - I seem to give better 1:1 readings and my medium abilities seem to flare up.

Morning 2am - 8am- I can easily detect people's general life concerns (ex; wanting love or money, children, starting a business etc.)

mid- morning/Afternoon - hear sentence fragments about people's future or answers to immediate concerns (ex; "car wash", "Pennies", "its coming", "ex-girlfriend", "tooth ache")

Evening - I detect personal objectives and how people view the world around them( ex; "people suck" "write a book" " I'm too forgiving" )

Late night 8p-3- I can feel how people are suffering(pains,body aches, cause of death), or what a persons routine mental state or general disposition is (happy, melancholy, tired etc) and small details about their life make them feel that way.

*** then there are days when I fly through discerning nothing, there are combinations days where I may drink coffee b/c I'm sleepy and they may cancel each other out and there are other days where all of these times and foods collide and make me an emotional wreck.

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I need meat when I feel down and exhausted, I am at my worst during 14.00 until 15.30 and I really like a little bit of alcohol to release the anxiety, a glass of wine or two

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