What to do with the people that simply won't leave you be?

Kate T
Kate T
5 years ago
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Ok, I think I have a veeery "tricky" question: you know those people, who pop out of a sudden in front of you, even though you hadn't even thought about them during the last... um... weeks, or months, and starts talking trash because they simply want to cause bad, but especially, to make you feel bad? [well, i guess everyone went through that. But how many times must it take for the person to stop and for the situation to go away?] I know someone like that, unfortunately, and i thought that by being kind and trying not to care about what she does she'll get the idea. But i was wrong. It seems some people are... very clingy. Well, this is where i don't know about what i should do. I try not to think about it, but the energetic imprint is there, and it's annoying. So I try to act upon it, but when i do that, i practically enter on the same length as her, and she literally resists any good thoughts or... normal thoughts... or normality that is. She has those inner turmoils and it seems she likes keeping them there like they are jewelries. During school she had sudden bursts of anger, not towards me but in general, and she's kind of strange. Her face is pretty strange, she's kind of short and stubby, and what i want to illustrate with this description is that she doesn't really get compliments about her look, which for a girl I understand it's hard, but is it necessary to do something like she does on a energetic level?

What i want is to literally block her. She just stays there, right before our high-school freaking final exams with which we will go to College (which we have tomorrow), and attacks me on internet even though i was talking with someone else on a group and never ever adressed her, and i was actually telling people about how to write something on a specific official document! And the problem is now my concentration is kind of gone, and she affected me a little once again. And I literally don't want her there. My luck is that i got on the same classroom with her. Yeah, my luck... but the other thing is, this isn't exactly normal, because it's been a while since she had this thing inside her even though i literally have 0 contacts with her and we were only classmates. I never did anything to her, because i knew how she was...

What could i do about her? And maybe about myself as well?

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