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hy to all....

I tryed to write a post so many times....I always deleted it 'cause I couldn't even sort it on a post what I wanted to say.

I read daniel's post now...and this is what brings me to this post what I will finally send.

As you all can read , my first language isn't english, so please excuse my mistakes.

I am 23 years old. I started to become aware of my "gift" 4 years ago when I started a therapie because of depressions.

I went throught the whole children things everybody is explaining... beeing bullied all over... beeing alone. I don't have many friends...and if I am about to get more, I have to leave. When I am in rooms with people who's energy is to strong for me...I faint when I don't leave the room.

As daniel posted as well....I so many times feel just lost!

I don't want to be an empath! honestly...I really dont!

It's difficult, it's is just ....hard.

I am helping so so many people...but the only person I can't feel...the only person I have no clue about ...the only person I can't help with my "gift" is myself!!!

I am so overwhelmed by everything I feel. I just want to hide somewhere ...I just want once NOT to feel anything.

I know I sound very depressed right now...I am not allways like this.

Many people in my life told me....You are so are so young and so wise... you are very special and wonderful...ect ect....

I am working with energy....I am meditating...breathing... protecting myself with wearing healing stones to protect me from others energy but still .. I switch from insane happyness to insane sadness....take others emotion just by looking into their eyes.... and I kinda have the feeling that I am just out of control even tho I am doing so many techniques to protect myself.

So please, I am asking you....all you experienced empaths out there in the world




I know everybody who is writing here in these discussions have up and down's isn't it?

Please tell me that I am not the only one who thinks so many times "wow , well done me... you have your gift under control, you can do so many good things with it: this is just wonderful "...and a little bit later the world breaks down again cause you just quickly talked to somebody with pain.

thank you for reading

and sorry for the desperate post


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One thing that I learned to do was separating my emotions from those of others. First thing when I wake up in the morning, is to check in with how I'm feeling. Am I feeling happy, sad, anxious, or just neutral. By checking in, I now have a baseline for my emotions. The trick is to know what you feel before meeting people. It's a simple way of figuring out what are your emotions and what belongs to someone else. Then, during the day, keep checking in with yourself to notice how you feel. For example, if you're upset,angry, sad - ask yourself if this is yours. If you have some reason why you are upset then that's yours. Very likely, as you ask yourself "Is this mine?" you will discover that it doesn't belong to you and you can release that emotion.

Grounding yourself which simply means feeling connected to the planet and setting up protection around you is necessary. We are all energy beings and our energy field extends around our body (like being inside a bubble). The energy field needs to be strong so that it keeps out any negative energy. There are many techniques for doing this. If you're good at visualizing, you can picture a clear, protective bubble all around you. You can keep the bubble clear or fill it with colors that make you feel good.

There are many different techniques, and I'm sure others will have great suggestions. Just remember that however you set up your protection, it's your intention that is the most important. Whatever methods you use, it's about you setting your intention that you have a right to be on this planet and a right to exist without being bombarded by the energy of others.

And above all else - keep up with the meditation. It can be difficult for many of us to practice but the more we do, the more we get in touch with our true self. In trying to separate your feelings from those of others, you have to get to know who you are. Not only is meditation good for your physical body and emotional state but, it connects you with your authentic self. We tend to feel lost when we are not connected to our spiritual self. I know, I still feel lost at times and that's when I have to sit down, calm the mind, and go inward.

You are not alone in what you feel. It is my belief, that we chose to come into this world with this gift. In Spirit form, we are powerful beings but when we come into this world, we forget that and we feel small and helpless. We have come to this earth at a very critical time. There are so many who are waking up to their abilities or at least being willing to be public about it. You may feel lost (most of us do) but you are not alone.

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Hi Conny, Welcome home. As you can see your English gets your point across very well so do not worry about that part. You do not have to worry, your now in a place where you belong. Anything you say in here someone usually most everyone can relate to. Many people felt the same way you did when they got here. It is fun to watch each other blossom in here.

I agree with the others on here and how important protection is. DoorMA had mentioned The Zip Up Technique by Donna Eden. It is very easy to learn by watching a short video and it really changed my life. I can go do things and to places I never could before. It used to be a crowd when I was around 4 or more people and I could not handle it. Now I can go shopping again thanks to that technique.

You can try to shut out being an empath but it is what you are. In the end it is a dead end road. You can learn how to control it and will even embrace it eventually. Most all of us do. Just keep coming here meeting new people and you too will grow.

I am looking forward to hear more from you, Dan : )

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Hello out there <3

I can not tell what a big THANK YOU I want to say!!! So, I want to share my positive experience with you! :)

Since I got your messages....I have read and practiced many of them.

I started yesterday morning with questioning myself how I feel today. My first thought was " actually, I am feeling good"...which surprised me as I was feeling such depressed lately. well, I took this answer and said to myself ok...when I woke up, I was feeling good. so.... let's see

Befor I got up I cleansed myself with the fist-technique. I took all my fears, my worries....and exhalted them with releasing my fist. After that I closed myself with the zip-technique and did put myself into a huge seathrough bubble. "my CLEAR energy bubble" ....

I am doing this for the last 2 mornings now....and let me tell you what happened the rest of the day yesterday...everything was kind of unbelievable for me.

As I was starting my day I felt more energized than usual. And the most exciting thing about the whole day was, that I could see others energies when they got into my bubble. I saw them as colours. As I wanted to keep my bubble clear I just did recognize all energies as colours...but I exhaled them out of my wonderful clear bubble. and IT WORKED! :):) I did not take was overwhelming....first overwhelming thing for me was, that I was so surprised HOW MANY colours I took into my bubble during the day. Sencond, that I could tell immediatly from who the colours came from which offered me some vampires and people around where I work...that I now know, I defenitley need more protection from...

It also showed me, which people did NOT overload me with their energies. It showed me people, I was comfortable with because they kept their energies kind of by themselfs somehow. My attention was always on who is giving me the bad energy...but I did never pay attention to who is doing it NOT.

It was amazing. I could protect myself in my wonderful bubble! My mood was the whole day as it was in the morning. I felt good. I really felt good and most importantly, I felt ME!

I recognized so many energies...I took them but did let them go...and I could let go every energie from others...I stayed feeling good. It was wonderful.

It was so wonderful for me...for the first time I could tell which was mine and which was from somebody else. I am so happy!

Thank you all for giving me this experience. I know I need to practice practice and practice to put this bubble and the protection into my habit. Cause it takes me a lot of efford now to do all that. But I know the more I am doing it, the more it gets automatically.

I thank you so much that I could feel it and that I know that it is possible so select.

The universe gudied me on this side so that I can learn to accept myself.

I thought I have acceped myself quite good....apparently I didn't. Let me tell you I was in tears when I read your posts as somehow a part inside me said..."hey, we are NOT ill"...I did not know that a part in me is still thinking that...

I am so glad to be here and to get in contact with you all!


lots of love


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