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Hi Conny, Welcome home. As you can see your English gets your point across very well so do not worry about that part. You do not have to worry, your now in a place where you belong. Anything you say in here someone usually most everyone can relate to. Many people felt the same way you did when they got here. It is fun to watch each other blossom in here.

I agree with the others on here and how important protection is. DoorMA had mentioned The Zip Up Technique by Donna Eden. It is very easy to learn by watching a short video and it really changed my life. I can go do things and to places I never could before. It used to be a crowd when I was around 4 or more people and I could not handle it. Now I can go shopping again thanks to that technique.

You can try to shut out being an empath but it is what you are. In the end it is a dead end road. You can learn how to control it and will even embrace it eventually. Most all of us do. Just keep coming here meeting new people and you too will grow.

I am looking forward to hear more from you, Dan : )

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