What's this free Energy Healing Event?

4 years ago
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I've been working with sensitive people for more than 10 years. Most of them empaths, or intuitives, or both.

One thing all these folks had in common was always taking care of other people. Their spouse. Their kids. Their mom. And then friends, neighbors and the new colleague at work who is struggling... on and on it went.

Through my own spiritual journey (it's a long story but I went to Brazil to see John of God), I eventually realized I had a gift for healing. And what I most wanted to do with it was to "give" it to those who needed it.

Empaths came straight to my mind. Meaning: You.

So once a month, I setup a healing event over a conference call where everyone gets an energy healing session for one physical symptom that is troubling them.

You can attend as often as you want, for free.

It's there for YOU.

It's there because *I* know how rare it is that someone else takes care of you.

You can register for the next event here:


in love,


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