Any Other Interpretations?

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Rocky Wolfe
11 months ago
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EDIT: i realized I accidentally wrote that my interpretation fits, but I've updated it- it DOESNT feel it fully fits!

I had a dream the other night that is still sticking with me. Mainly because my own interpretation just doesn't seem to fully fit.

My dream was that I had an orange cat (kinda like a creamsicle) in my house. I'm not clear if it was a pet or not- note, the only cat I have ever owned in real life is a tortoiseshell calico. Anyway, the majority of my dream was that this cat swallowed a battery. It wasn't choking, but I knew the battery was dangerous for it to eat. I kept trying in vain to get the cat to vomit up the battery, while trying to contact some emergency vet service, but any number I called wouldn't get through. 

My own interpretation is that I'm trying to gain some form of independence and control over my life, but I find myself struggling a lot more than I'd like to admit, which isn't a lie. For some reason, I feel there's more to the dream. Any other ideas?

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11 months ago
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I also feel that there's something poisonous in your life, though not apparently so on the surface but deep down you know will cause some damages, that you're dying to get rid of.

Maybe just let it run its course rather than fight it?

11 months ago
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it seems to me like you are trying to help others stay from something bad and you aren't able to get the means to do so

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