Car crash dream came true

2 years ago
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Two nights ago I had a dream in which I was involved in a horrible car crash but I survived the crash, it felt so real and it was absolutely insane.
Yesterday I found out there was a crash in the same freeway my dream took place, two young guys died on the crash and one of them is currently on the hospital in critical condition.
Can someone please please tell me if my dream had anything to do with this? I don't know any of the guys involved.
My dream felt very real and I can't stop thinking that maybe I could have done something to protect them, but mainly I don't want to ever dream something like that.
Why did I dreamed that and why did the accident happen just like my dream?
Please tell me if anyone has ever been through this.
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You may have psychic capabilities through your dreams!  I've had many similar to this.   Start a dream journal.

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I have clusters of these types of experiences. They will go for maybe 3 months or so, then nothing for two or three years, then a cluster again of a few weeks etc. Mostly I can tie my "sensitivity" to being in some type of compromised state of mind. By compromised, I don't mean it negatively, just that the membrane between conscious and unconscious is more porous, for instance following childbirth when I was very sleep deprived; following being an almost victim to a violent crime; following divorce; following sleep deprivation generally awakens things for me. Or also when I invite this sense to come. Pray for it even. 

Anyway. The experience of the "knowing" can be a bit frightening. I've heard it described as a lifting of the veil. And I like this description. Most of the time we humans could not function if the veil of time was lifted for us to see, but sometimes it is lifted anyway. If you would like to explore this, then just notice it, keep a journal. If it feels ick then quit. If it feels good, then proceed forward. I don't know very much about it, but I have been allowing it in my life, not judging, it's not really a choice for me--- the glimpses just come more frequently now.... and then when I see the manifestation, I just say, well there it is..... for now that seems the first step... we accept that we can smell things. we are used to it.... try to get used to having this sense..... 

Hope this helps... Take Care! 

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