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Hi Charlotte

I have had 3 visions in the past that were similarly apocalyptic in nature.  The first was where a great force was being held at bay on the horizon, like an angry beast, inside very dark storm clouds that kept billowing and growing on top of each other.  The second was the same except this time the force holding it back let it go.  It raced towards me and was destroying all that was in its path.  The only things or people who were not destroyed were those of the Light.  The 3rd vision changed to a mountain scene in the distance where 6 or 7 dark tornados descended from the dark clouds ( like in the Harry Potter movies ) and landed on the mountain tops.  They were angry angels who started moving towards me at a very, very fast rate of speed carrying dark clouds of energy over their heads.  There was absolutely no mercy in their spirits.  They were avenging angels of justice.  All that was not of the Light was destroyed and absorbed by them. 

This is similar in meaning to what you have seen.  This is now a time of great change and shifting of this world from a thick 3D frequency to a 5D Light energy frequency and we are here, as Lightworkers and Empaths, to help in this project.  All that is of the old paradigm will be swept away as people will no longer put up with doing what they are told by "their betters" (i.e. crooked politicians and business people) who seek to keep us divided from each other.  We are Awake and will no longer "go back to sheep".  We are transcending from a materialistic mind set, from a "me" mind set, to a more inclusive spiritually elevated manner of thinking.  We are eliminating the middle man in our connection with the Divine and the higher frequencies that we know as angels, Pleiades, and spirit guides.  We will no longer just "go along" with being told that it is OK to destroy the environment and to eat artificial food and drink polluted water.  Those days are fast fading and those in power will try to keep their grip on the reins.  They will not succeed.  If you read the books that I recommended you will learn more about what is happening at this time and why you seem much more comfortable not associating with those (friends and family) who are not Awake.  You can also go to my Facebook page Bing Haley where I post only daily positive inspirational posters that I have saved along with messages from other groups that you may find interesting.  Know that you are loved and not alone.

Throw some love into the wind.


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Yeah I agree too! this post election has really turned everyone's volume up WAY high!!!  Inspirational posters I love it! :)

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