Two strange dreams (or were they?)

7 years ago
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This dream occurred a while back. I'm not even sure it's a dream so much as an event. I had recently made my contact with my spirit guide and a spirit in my home, but I was having trouble staying connected or even getting to that point. I mostly do not remember my dreams.

So, I was laying in bed and asked for protection and help from my spirit guides and the ancient ones who protect humans from evil and evil entities. I asked that they wrap me in their protective white light. I remember seeing a group of beings in a circle above me. I don't recall how many 8-10 maybe. I was told I had 8 guides at that time. A great white circle of light energy appeared inside of their circle. Then, the light was pushed down - this light was pushed into me. An electrified feeling came over me. I felt powerful.

After that, I did not have too much trouble connecting with the other side. It could have been a visit from my guides. Don't know.

Another dream (or was it?) was about my asking for help remembering my dreams. I awoke to whispering. Then spirits - one male at the foot of my bed, and someone off to the side in shadow. After the whispering, the foot - just the foot, of my bed raises about his chest high and is dropped. The male entity said, well, she wanted to remember her dreams.

What's strange about this one is that I have two guides who always appear together - they help me with communication and connecting. I don't know if they have another function with me or not.

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