Two more dreams I have had.

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I got an interpretation of this dream, but I wonder what you guys have to say about it. There are so many varying descriptions out there.

I only remember a very small portion of this dream. I don't know where I was, my house, maybe the back door, or what the circumstances were. I saw a flash of light and a small shape emerge, then the image of a small child - I feel like it was a boy. He said his name was Peter (the name of my resident 10 year old spirit), but this child was younger. The next thing I see is a small red dragon fly into the picture. I was not frightened, I was amused. It was so small and cute. It was a small, red, oriental dragon. I was talking to it in baby talk - like a puppy. I woke up.

This other one is only a portion as well - this is so frustrating -not being able to remember all of a dream. Anyway......

I was in a house. A glassed in room. I opened the door to a big spider. It was fist size, maybe a little bigger, shiny black. It was very round with bluish purple spots and swirls on it's back. I was with kids. It was sitting there facing the door. I was not at all afraid of it - it was more like Wow! Look a that! I remember keeping the kids back, tho.

I have found many different meanings. Maybe someone has a meaning for both of these. I seldom remember my dreams - when I do, they are weird ones.

Both of these dreams were after I was able to speak to the spirits in my home and my guide. I had not had trouble making contact at that point.

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Bill Walker
Bill Walker
7 years ago
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i would imagine that the spirit child in your dream is the same one as is in your home. He may have just figured out how to enter your dream scape and was probably just saying hello. It might be kind of interesting to see what else he can show you in future dreams if you let him? :-)

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