Time line dream?

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Santana LynnEllen Scott
last year
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There is this place, back when there wasn't any technology, that an older woman lives. I was walking in the woods and found it. She gave me some home made ice cream. I called her grandma. We sat and talked for a while, then I went on my way. Next I came back, and it felt like forever since I had been there and was so happy to see it, I went in and she smiled at me and said welcome home, you are safe here. She made me lay down on her couch and gave me some tea and sang to me, as I fell asleep, then I heard her say, time to wake up. This last one I had, I found her home, but not her. I heard her scream, I ran deeper into the woods and found people, men, surrounding her. She swiped her hand and a wall of dirt in trapped them. She told me to run, to take her horse, go get the waggon at her house and run. Let the horse lead, he knows the way. I did as she told me and took off. I got on her pure white horse and we took off. I heard her scream. I looked back and saw them gaining on us. I swiped my hand in the air and nothing happened. I closed my eyes and we took off faster. I felt a huge wave of energy hit me and I turned back around, they were even closer and I saw a cloth that she always wore. I swiped my hand again and a huge wall of dirt got in their way. The horse saw a fire at his home and took off for the river/sea. He jumped into the water and I swiped my hands again, a wall of water stopping the men once again. The horse kept running, but for some reason he stopped and I woke up
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Incredible dream! You were given the old woman's power. You were using the elements earth and water to fight the enemies. Fire was also present (usually a good omen) in the dream and the running horse could be an air symbol. I'm not sure exactly what it all means but looking back at some of your posts I think you will be developing some super powerful psychic abilities and they are showing up first in your dreams, when you are most able to perceive them. Meditation will make the dreams even more clear. Keep a dream journal. Read up on interpretation.

The elements are used in many spiritual systems, shamanism, witchcraft, even Buddhism. You're part Irish so this is probably in your blood. How exciting!

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Oh my god! what an amazing dream!

I can't really add anything to what Ecila said, but I just wanted to say wow! You are definitely a healer, what a gift! I can't wait to see how you develop this gift or set of gifts. I second the idea of keeping a dream journal and maybe even a journal of you learning about and developing your healing gifts from here.

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