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2 years ago
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At the mind's level you are aware of certain facts, but still aren't using this knowledge in the best of all manners. You struggle to see the truth, but the reality is still out of sight or you over look something about yourself which displeases you. Irresponsibility or feelings of quilt and moral conflicts can express themselves in dreams of blindness. You can think of is as "going blindly through life" but you are trying hard to see. It is time for you to "open your eyes" and see any problems that lie in front of you. You could have a blind spot that might lead you into danger. The bright DANGER light is very clear in this dream. although might not be a serious as it seems.

The smoke reinforces the concept that you are presently in an unclear situation and is a tip to danger but also suggests a transcendence, since it is an ethereal substance representing transformation. . . often used in sacred ceremonies and can stand for prayers being sent and healing in the dreamtime. It is a bridge between the worlds. You have had an awakening and need more clarity and concentration to see more clearly and progress from this point.

All in all, your dream is telling you that there is something you are still not seeing. A routine schedule of meditation would help you focus your vision. I think you're on the right path.

Sweet dreams and may the smoke clear:)

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Bill Walker
2 years ago
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Where do you live? If you live on the West Coast where we are experiencing a draught you could be hearing natures spirit warning of the wildfires that will most likely come in the months ahead!

2 years ago
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Many a time I've been woken up with warnings. I perceive this to be a warning to you. Do not ignore it or dismiss it lightly. If you smell smoke but there is no smoke than you are perceiving a type of energy that is trying to stifle you and does not want you to awaken any further. Be aware of your surroundings and take great care of flamables. Those red letters should give you a clue as to the urgency here.

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