Stopping Nightmares

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Debbie Winchell (Loving Dove)
3 years ago
49 posts

I wonder if there's any way to prevent nightmares. They all have the same type of theme, people trying to work together to avoid a scary crisis and we always havea lot of obstacles. I currently work in an industry that sets up and keeps changing rules and goals to avoid paying bonuses and pay raises. Taking any time off is extremely difficult as well. So I know what the dreams are about.When I can get my home life calmed down a little bit (my mother is in rehab after breaking her hip), I will start looking for a better job. In the meantime I'd like to stop waking up from a dream so disturbing I have to watchTV or read for a while. They're not good for me.

Thanks very much.

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Bill Walker
3 years ago
729 posts

I have found that people who learn to face their nightmares and release heir fear generally come to the point where they no longer have them!

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