Somewhat disturbing dream about coffins

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Bill Walker
2 years ago
729 posts

The other night I had a dream about coffins, and I mean millions of them! In the dream I was this investigator sent to this company to find out why they were making all of these coffins? They had buildings full of them and they were coming off of the assembly line at a record pace. I guess whoever I worked for wanted to know if this company knew something that no one else did?

These were your average cheap and quick coffins tons of them. In my investigation I opened one and there was one younger woman in it but she was quite alive otherwise I never did find out what all of these coffins were for before I woke up.

After waking up I had to wonder if this was just a dream of my imagination or was it trying to portend of an upcoming event that would take many lives? There really isn't much more to the dream other then me walking from huge building to other huge buildings all full of these coffins. Anyone got any thoughts or similar dreams lately?

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Nocturne's Angel
2 years ago
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Hi Bill,

In my experience coffins are a symbol of new life, rejuvenation of old ways, thoughts, etc.

Example : The younger woman who was alive in the coffin has been given a new lease on life be it literal, metaphysical, symbolic, a wake a call for her, etc.

Just my 2 cents.

Kaitlyn Brokaw
2 years ago
216 posts

I feel that the factory making these coffins was just symbolizing how many people are dead in the world, doing the same thing over and over, making their brains less spongy. Unable to learn new things, dead in the mind because day after day they are doing the same thing. Never facing new challenges and things. But the woman you saw that was still alive, she decided she was not going to end up like the others. So, inside her daily self-the coffin-she decided she was not going to stay trapped in there forever. It could also be a blooming of a different side of herself. Or she could be the 'odd ball out' sort of thing in the situation. Perhaps this retains to you in some way? Do you feel as if you are blossoming in an aspect of yourself? I have been having very strange dreams lately, mostly involving demons and such, so not quite these kinds of dreams. Hope this sort of helps :-)

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