RV Overturned Dream

Debbie Winchell (Loving Dove)
Debbie Winchell (Loving Dove)
6 years ago
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This morning I had a very strange dream about an RV crash. I dreamed I was riding in an RV that was huge, at least as big as my apartment and the interior looked more like a hotel. The driver was trying to ease the vehicle out of a curved driveway. The vehicle slowly rolled over. I was supposed to keep track of who was taken out of the vehicle, but people weren't telling me. There were animals both real and plush toy on the vehicle and I could hear them all talking to me and they wanted to be rescued too. Since no one was remembering to tell me who they were rescuing, I started rescuing the animals.

I have recently taken a position on the board of a local organization. I think the members need to concentrate on using their manners. The last two meetings felt like I was trying to stop a team of runaway horses.

Socially and romantically I realized that I tend to identify with rescued cats and kittens.

Does anyone have any other ideas about this?

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Bill Walker
Bill Walker
6 years ago
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I think that helping animals is very important to you both in your conscious state and subconscious state. I believe that we all have jobs that we do in between our lifetimes. I would bet that one of your's is caring for these smaller yet still evolving souls that we view as pets and other wild animals here during our physical incarnations. I'm pretty sure that it's one of mine as well. I know that I am a guide to other spirits/souls that I have evolved with during my evolution. And that is my favorite job while outside the physical realm. Does this help?

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