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Sounds like past lives to me.

You may want to look on youtube for meditation videos on how to find your past lives.

Amaya also has a post about past lives meditation.

You can also try finding a hypnotherapist for a past life regression or finding someone to give you a past life reading.

Please note that you may only request 1 reading on this site per 6 months.

We have this rule because people were requesting readings on everything imaginable (past lives, auras, tarot, runes, empath readings, general readings, picture readings, etc.) & it became too much for us readers to do & also that many readings per person back to back isn't healthy.

Most readings are valid for 3, 6, 9 or even 12 months so not much is going to change in between a reading of 1 or 2 days & even in some cases 3 hours (yes, people were literally reading their readings & requesting a different one.)

I apologize for my lengthy ramble, but if you do a search on this site for Past Life or past Lives it should give you a list of discussion threads.

Here is the link to Amaya's post :

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