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2 years ago
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That's an amazing dream. I think the light was directly from spirit . . . does sound like you were shown a previous life. I wonder who the young man is/was. Maybe the event was in your last life and was so traumatic that you still aren't over it. I have had dreams of the number 12 several times over the last 3-4 months, once last week. That number has so many connotations, but it seemed to me to signify the end of a cycle (12 months in a year, hours in a day, apostles, etc...) The theater could be the theater of life, the arena of the soul...So many symbols in that dream...You might try looking each of the up to see if it all makes any more sense to you. I use a site at Meanings are of course very personal and individual, but that site helps a lot sometimes. I think you will end up being really good at interpreting dreams if you keep having ones like this!

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2 years ago
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That's amazing! I'm with Ecila, it sounds like it as direct from spirit and you really were shown a past life. How neat! I also don't think spirit just shows us things randomly or for no reason, so it might be good to see if you can find what it means, because it might be of help now or later. That's really cool!

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