Just wanted to share something funny and a bit gross :)

5 years ago
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Ok, if hair in the armpits or on the legs grosses you out, don't read further...

I have had these dreams in the past for years-that I did not shave for so long that the hair on my legs (sometimes under my arms) would get so long that I would have to braid them. Yesterday my daughter (7) got up outof bed and came into my room said she had the weirdest dream. She said that she dreamed that she was braiding the hair on my legs, then it grossed her out and she started giggling.

If she was going to pick up one of my dreams couldn't she have intercepted one where I was a superhero or something?



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Bill Walker
Bill Walker
5 years ago
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That is funny, but remember she was born through you so she will pick up on many, let's say, obscure thoughts as well as the not so obscure ones. Superhero here she comes!!!!!!!

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