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7 years ago
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I rarely remember my dreams, but I seem to remember bits of dreams that foretell something or have some spiritual meaning. Lately, my angel numbers have pointed to changes in my life and my thoughts are being manifested, but I am on the right course. My latest dream suggests a big change in my life as well. I am a little apprehensive about this. The first time I woke up was at 12:12.

The part I remember is I am Irish and in Ireland - when I don't know, but I think after WWI - the fight for independence. I seem to remember period clothing and British soldiers. I had children with me (my dreams often have children in them). I feel that they were my own children. We were chasing someone and then later we were being chased and something bad happened to one of my kids. I was crying, screaming, and then I woke up (at 2:11). I felt horrified and very, profoundly, sad. I don't remember enough to know if it was a regular dream or a past life dream. It did seem very real , but sometimes regular dreams can feel real as well. I don't recall if it had the aura around it like my past life dreams do.

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