how to manage my dreams positively

2 years ago
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hello all.I get dreams which i remember clearly and they are related to incidents which happen in the near future,i just have to correctly interpret it and upto some extent i am able to do so.They r usually related with incidents in my life and other family members,these dreams are usually bad where i get up with a sudden fright.I want myself to be of some use to our other beings but i dont how i could go about it and i need help in understanding myself with the help of my fellow empaths. Thank you all.

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2 years ago
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If you fear something bad is going to happen to someone you know, you can meditate on them being protected by a circling cushion of light and with angels around them. You won't always be able to change the future but maybe you can lessen the blows. Sometimes those dreams are to prepare you and let you know that things must be that way.

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