Dreaming about ghosts and a medium Dog

Kate T
Kate T
5 years ago
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I woke up so abruptly from this dream last night, and it was so vivid, yet i felt so scared, because i couldn't understand where it was coming from. Although i do not like subjects releated to spirits at all, i usually do not get nightmares. This one, however, was quite... horrible.

So there i was, in my dream, i suddenly woke up in a very well known place from my town, where on the right side used to be a big theatre and on the corner a very nice Church. The theatre and church weren't there though, and in my dream i wondered where did the restaurant go too, and although i tried to bring the image of the church there it was very diffuse and i couldn't, but instead, there was a house there, eveything ina gothic style. There was like a pressure all around me, and everything was in black, white and grey.

While i was walking around being really suspicious and quite tensed, i saw some bushes and tried to walk away from that corner where i was staying, but suddenly there was a dog that appeared, small, lean, fox-like eyes, and he was golden with white (closely resembled the little stray dog that barked at me 2 days ago because, well, that's what he does with other people and cars all the time when someone walks on "his" part of the street ;)) ) i tried to approach him, but he started barking, so i tried walking away, but he was trying to direct me to a certain path. I didn't want to, so i suddenly got "teleported" a few metres on another street quite close to the first one, but i was rapidly brought back on that same corner with the dark-green bushes and the dog there... and everything became more diffuse, and everything started moving including the sky as if i was ready to pass out, but i looked at the house in front of me and i suddenly got teleported to it...

Now the ghost part comes, and i literally still have shivers. Inside, there was a very weird and charged atmosphere, and i felt like i was in a freshly abandoned house with a distinct atmosphere where old people used to live. The Dog was there with me too, and suddenly became very aggresive, started barking, i looked at him and wanted him not to hurt me, for a second i thought i saw a weird girl waiting in a corner of the room. I wanted to go out of there, but before almost touching the door, i got teleported again in the middle of the room right next to a chevalet with a painting, a white sheet covering the colors, palletes and pencils, and the golden dog totally changed. He jumped in a chair and was calmly watching the painting. In the painting, there was a couple, with very definite features, a girl with curly long, dark red hair and a guy... they were very fox like, again, looking for something, wanting something, and started moving in the picture! I actually got curious, the pressure lessened up a little, but in the next moment, the dog got possesed, he raised up his head, light was coming out of his eyes and mouth, he let out a shriek.... and i felt my chest area burning, and how my senses were leaving me, like i was entering a floating-like phase... it was horrible, i got so scared, and in that moment i suddenly woke up!

And the sensation was still there, probably because i was still scared, but managed to reason with myself and calmed down quite fast. The problem is, the atmosphere was horrible, scary, full of pressure, and everything was very fast, and fragmented: i wanted something else, but the way the dream had to go... these were the last images i remembered in the morning, but there was another dream too, quite nasty, where i had to stay around many other people and had to catch a chicken and keep it inside a box or something... and it was a dark room, ah, nasty one too... :(( although, fortunately, i never felt like totally losing the control over what was happening, so i wouldn't classify them as nightmares.

What could it have been?

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Bill Walker
Bill Walker
5 years ago
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I agree with Ecila about the dog being a guide and he well have been the one that teleported you back to each location. With that said this is a very complex dream and often it is for the dreamer to come up with the solution for. The dog always stayed with you no matter what but it seems that the message, in my opinion, is that your guides are trying to show you something of great importance but you keep turning away and refusing to acknowledge what's being shown. Again, in my opinion, this is something that is in your physical life, or perhaps something that ties you physical life to your spiritual life.

If I were you I would try and break the dream down into as many little pieces as I possibly could and then see if any of those pieces fit together in a different order or matrix. The other thing is that you were afraid but not really sure what was so frightening which leads me to wonder what is going in your life right now that is causing you discomfort and confusion.

Not sure if that helps, but it's the best I can come up with for now! But I do think you'll figure it out as this dream is definitely something that is deeply seeded inside your psyche!

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