Dream of Forgiveness

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2 years ago
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Just wanted to share this...Last night's dream was of a sort like I'd never had before. I think it was prompted by my recent - or perhaps ongoing - soul searching and general life difficulties plus Fly-Robin's previous post about dreams that are hard to interpret.

I was in the presence of some type of other-worldly or celestial group. They were conveying to me that they would sort my dreams for me and that I didn't need to worry. They also let me know that any thoughts that felt to me as bad, or anything that I was worrying about, was understood and forgiven. In other words, they knew I hadn't purposely done anything wrong. It was like all of my thoughts and deeds were included within the dreams that they were sorting out. Karmic traces combined with dreams, maybe...

Hard to explain it, but it was a comforting dream:)

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2 years ago
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Wow. That sounds really lovely Ecila. Very comforting.

2 years ago
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Wow! That's really cool!

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