Dream dream....nightmare?

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Santana LynnEllen Scott
last year
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I was at a Ren Fair. I was wearing a white dress. A guy came up to me and asked me to dance. I agreed. He walked off after the dance. His two twin sons ran down stairs into the basement. I went after them. I got a really bad feeling. I found them. Their hair was red and blue. They said they wanted to find the toys down there. I said, no, I get a really bad feeling from down here, lets go up stairs and I'll find you some toys up there, I promise. Then something started whispering in the air " Pa....Pa.....Pa.....MA!!" The boys heard it, a huge smile grew across their faces and then they went up stairs and I hear the door click shut. I took off running and found my way outside. My dad was there with you and a few others. He asked what happened and you started running over to me. I got dizzy and started to faint before I could answer.I woke up from that dream with a pounding heart
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