Craziest dream so far, but... ?!

Kate T
Kate T
6 years ago
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So one thing i know for sure: the majority of my dreams start after 12:00 and they usually end just before i wake up, and because of this, i think i can recall and retell all my vivid dreams so far (over 30, seriously, some even repeat themselves, even though i dreamed them 3 years ago! T_T)

So the one from 2 days ago was... extreme. I was on another planet that didn't have any athmosphere, and yet i took is as the Earth. I was by the seaside, half of the beach was "robotic" (made of metals, etc...) but there was the sea, and a storm coming. The sky was dark, but the luxurious forest and palm trees were illuminated by a deep orange sun that setted in the distance. There was also a cottage, a biig one, built near the sea at a high altitude (probably to avoid the refluxes?)

And then, all of the sudden, earthquakes started. The earth and sand were split apart in 3 huge extremely deep holes/abysses, and i could see how they were growing bigger, as the beach was still more intact that the forest which was split apart even more. Everything started trembling, so I started floating to avoid falling in (or the gravitation simply stopped working :)) ) And then a huge fire started that burnt everything down, and within moments everything got burnt up like someone pressed a button and everything derulated on faster. There were only brown rocks left and a ladnscape like the eerie one that can be seen on photos taken on other planets.

There was nothing left, nobody living, so I started crying and left. And reached the Moon. It was an amazing place, but extremely cold in comparison with the other planet, which was warm and nice but there was also more pressure. I could suddenly see that i was underwater, searching for a form of existance and something warm, becaus ei was freezing. I was in a turquoise colored water under a thick layer of ice and everythng looked like the North Pole. So as i was searching underwater, a HUGE Orca came, but it swam like a whale, slowly, powerfully, and it was amazing, reassuring, and although it had a lot of heat in itself, the Orca-colored whale didn't remainthat calm either when it swam away from me. It had one huge, thick orange-green-yellow algae that was growing on its back, and it was searching for a way of removing it, rubbing against the ice layer without success, but regained it's calm aura soon again, although not sattisfied. I remember i wanted to have a deeper look at the algae, and as if I had spyglasses, the image was magnified and i could see how it resembled so much an Algae... I had a very lucid moment in that milisecond or who knows how much it took inside my head, but I concluded, while still in the dream, that it resembled too much a real algae like i was reading a book about them at that very moment.

And then as the Orca swam away once again, i was cold once more, but it wasn't dark, no no, i could see very well underwater. And then there startd the earthquakes, the water began vibrating, air bubbles coming from the deep from everywhere, and the Orca was desperate to save everything, it tried to swim everywhere to calm the waters, like it was the god controlling the seas. As the Orca came closer to me (i was still underwater, under the layer of ice) i had a vision about the middle of the Earth breaking loose and the yellow beautiful shining magma coming out.

It was time to get out of there, so i finally found a way to escape from the turmoil, and reached the calmness of a beach once more, although wet and cold again, but warmed a little by the sun. And like everything was written by someone, there was another beach and tropical vegetation that closely resembled the one from the other planet, only that thsi one seemed fresher and younger. And behind me it was just starting to defrost, and ice was melting, although a big part was still covered in ice. And the same deep-orang colored Sun was setting in the horizon, only that the sky and athmosphere were much calmer and brighter. The Sun, this time however, was setting to the East, as this was the dorection i was looking to (to the right side), while on the other planet i saw the Sun on the left side (West). It is the first time i dream something in such a clear 'antithesis'

And i closed my eyes, and saw that this planet, even if still trembling and shaken, was saved from exploding, and... I woke up, having to got to school!

What was that... ? o_o Shall i mention that everything was extremely vivid and colorfull... and it was like a documentary about the ending of a world, although i haven't watched one since 2 years ago when it appeared that movie 2012...

p.s: sorry for my English, still learning :d

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Bill Walker
Bill Walker
6 years ago
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Most of the things you describe here could happen in a pole shift, where the North pole and South pole trade places very rapidly. And scientists are saying that this could happen at any time. They say that this happens every so often and that the Earth is over due for this to happen. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Peace!

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