Bonded to a guy with a tattoo on his forehead?

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Santana LynnEllen Scott
last year
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I've been feeling quite lonely these past few months, and been having some self esteem issues due to males who say they will date me, but then find another femalem Inside my dream I was with my family, all of whom I do not care for that much, the only one there whom I cared for was my little brother. It looked like we were at a fair. While we were there I was stepping off of a ride and I look up and my eyes lock with this guy whom has a tatto (purple, from the left a straight line till it hit the middle then it curved down into a half circle, had three lines to the right, and two under it)he grins, says "Finally, I found you, you're my bonded, come with me, I already have the paper work ready, it's time to get married." My mother (whom I do not like) Asks what is going on. The male wraps his arm around my waist (he has no shirt on) and starts to walk off with me. In my head I think, she wouldn't understand, and I look back and tell her to not worry, and she and the rest of my family don't try to stop me. His friends are watching and walking with us off to the side.
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The fairground could be your longing for adventure and to experience something. It is also a world apart from the outside world, and the dream is communicating to you a certain individuality here, also in the tattoo and your feeling like other won't understand.

The tattoo is very interesting but I'm not sure exactly what it looked like. Maybe you can glean something more from it if you draw it and meditate on it a while. It could be a sign of your individuality -unconventional expression -and brings attention to your uniqueness and a desire for respect. Since tattoos are permanent, this is a symbol for something that is lasting and durable.

With purple you have a combo of red for blood and 'heart' and blue for soul or a representation of mental passion.It can also represent an internal harmony and more self-knowledge.

The guy could be a merely a longing, or he could be a part of yourself that you are merging within your psyche. I feel like it is a little of both.

With the documents, again you have a kind ofpermanentcommunication like with the tattoo. It could be your need for something concrete and dependable, but overall, the dream feels like you are quite an individual and will do fine without that other person in your life. I think when you find him he will be unique and deserving of you. Don't stress over the ones who don't appreciate you. You don't need them around anyways.

Hope that helped a little. I feel there is more to this dream than I am touching on but maybe these few comments will give you some ideas.

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