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Emmy Long
Emmy Long
4 years ago
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I had the strangest dream today as I was napping before my shift working thirds tonight. The dream was like a story bein told to me in a poem. There were no people in this dream. It was a child's voice, a little girl, telling the story of a beautiful black horse, and as she was telling the story there was a hand placing plastic toys in scenes that matched the story. Like a play but done with toys instead of people. I wish I could remember all of the poem because it was beautiul and well done, rhymed and everything which seems so complex for a dreaming state. From what I can remember the horse was a "knight" sent to remind his village of goodness in humanity. There were scenes of the horse playing with children in the village. All of the scenes were very childlike, which makes sense because the dream was being narrated by a child and played out with toy like figurines. The other part I remember is that the black horse figurine was a tiny horse made of metal painted black and in place of his head was a flowing tail identical to the one on his hind end. I wish I could draw a picture of it to include and explain better what I mean. After the dream I must have partly woken up because I remember telling myself to quickly write down this poem while it was fresh in my head but I was still too asleep to get up and get paper. I thought this was strange too as I don't record my dreams in a journal or anything. Any thoughts on this?
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Bill Walker
Bill Walker
4 years ago
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Put some paper by your bed just in case. I suspect that whatever spirit energy helped to create this dream scape for you wanted you to remember the dream probably for personal reasons. It's a good thing that you remember as much of this dream as you do because that should make it easier for you to reconnect with that dream scene in the future.

The next time you wake up kind of groggy in the morning try to put yourself back into that scene as you fall back into a half sleep, this is kind of like hypnotizing yourself when you're already halfway their, and see if you can re-experience this dream again. And this time, do have some paper and a pen by your bedside.

I really liked the dream though and hope that you find you're back to it again because I would love to read that poem!

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