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Emmy Long
2 years ago
484 posts
I'm not sure if this is the same thing you're talking about, but sometimes I will have multiple dreams that will build off of each other. For example, one night I dreamt I rescued a basket of puppies, then later that night I had another dream where I was speaking with my mom. She asked me how I slept and I said "good but I had the strangest dream about puppies." I remembered the first dream in the second one! This kind of thing happens often so I posted in this group asking if anyone knew why this happens. What I was told is that something was trying to be pointed out to me, and they wanted to make sure I got the message so they repeated it. I'm not great at dream interpretation, but there are a lot of websites where you can go to look up what the repeated signs and themes mean. Actually I think there are a few links in the description of this group!
2 years ago
386 posts

I agree with what Emmy said. It's possible that they are just dreams and your brain is taking days to break down and process situations in your life, but I would bet it is trying to tell you something. I would go to a dream interpretation site and see if you can find out what the symbols mean and feel what rings true for you.

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