Amazing, terrifying, wondrous and peculiar dreams.

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Bigg Hoss
last year
36 posts

So my entire life since I was a child I have had crazy dreams from all ends of the spectrum to terrifying to down right bizarre and wonderful and everywhere in between. Now, when I dream it is in FULLLLL clarity most of the time. I mean I see absolutely as clear as I do when I am awake and are REAL as awake even if I know it's a dream while having it. I can influence the dream and make decisions and some times control it or maybe others only influence a minor few things. I have also seen future events sometimes minor sometimes a little more major. Here lately though I have dreams over and over over other realities where I am me and all my friends are there but it is just DIFFERENT..... Like I am seeing other Earths..... That's the only way I can explain it. Sometimes the worlds are fractured like apocalyptic or post apocalyptic.... Other times it will like that but I get the feeling that's just how "this version" is and it is normal and not really apocalyptic aside from my mind from this reality perceiving it while I am there. Other times weird things happen I feel are messages but interpretations is so hard it's hard to say. Like last night in one I was in an alternate "Earth" and someone was handling and capturing snakes at his location we were at and we fell and he dropped a Cobra and I fell as well. When I sat up the cobra struck me in the left eye and you can feel these things as real as can be. It was quite traumatic at first but I took over mentally calmed down shook it off took what i believe to be that realities antivenin and cleared out my eye socket (very weird feeling but calm) and got any excess venom out and realized it had no effect on me.... Well aside from loss of the eye. Extraordinary ability to take the bite was emphasized to be supernatural but seemed normal to everyone else as they were from that reality.... just wacky.... Sorry I am carrying on I just dont know where else to discuss these things or if others even dream like this all the time like myself.

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Bill Walker
last year
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There are many people who believe that all possible outcomes of every ones experiences play out simultaneously during every moment that we exist. I've thought about this but haven't quite come to that conclusion yet, but who knows?????????

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