Am I actually dying?

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Two days ago, I woke up from a dream that I was in a hospital bed and I saw my blood pressure or my pulse on the machine was very low.

Since a few days ago, when I was about to sleep lying on my bed, I feel that my hands and feet were like cold as if I was fading. Right now even though I am sitting, I feel it.

Do you think that the dream and what I am experiencing has any real meaning, or is it just happening because I am thinking about it?

updated by @yaji: 02/24/17 05:28:15PM
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When you dream of dying, it isn't a literal death but the end of a phase. I think the stuff you are experiencing is because you're thinking about it
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Hi....goes get checked out...that way you won't worry....maybe that's what the dream go get a check up....
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I don't know, but have you had a check up lately? I'm not making light of this dream. Sometimes warning signs are atypical. Listen to your inner voice.

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