A world without distrust...

4 years ago
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I had an interesting dream where I went into a building which must have been a type of shop/eatery. I went over and got a plate and helped myself to some food. There were several things to choose from. It wasnt the same food we eat but it was food. There was some stuff that looked like cabbage (a pale pink color) and there was a type of broth (to be poured over the cabbage type stuff) with tiny little black fish in it that were still alive. (I didn't eat them).

Anyway I turned around and sat down at a table that already had two people sitting on it. I didn't know them. I sat down with them It seemed the natural thing to do.

I knew that I would pay for the meal after I had eaten.


I realise now why the dream had such a 'different' feel about it.

It was because there was no distrust. Thestrangers trusted me to sit at their table. We were all trusted to get our meals before we paid for them. It was quite incredible to have a short glimpse into a world where people trust each other.

The emotion of distrust was totally absent.It felt calm and peaceful and free, but also 'normal' while it was happening.

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