"Eva"... I've met many ppl who have met her in there dreams. Have you?

Cheye Ann Daugherty
Cheye Ann Daugherty
3 years ago
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Eva came to me when I was 14yrs old. We were in a Egyptian temple. I remember wearing gold silk Eva was wearing black silk and gold Cobras around her arms, head and stomach. I remember following her down a long hall into a room with a spin table with 5 ures on it. It had 5 types of cobras in each one. Then she continued to say "you can have all this IF you give me your soul!" I told her I would think about it. Then I woke up. The next day I had same dream but this time she said"well, is it a yes? " I told her no. She was furious and said "you'll regret that decision! " then I woke up. Since then I was able to leave my body when I feel sleep, hear a thousand ppl talking like in time square and feel ppls pain through Damn near anything.So has any of you had a dream like this one?
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