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Curious Child
Curious Child
4 weeks ago
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I don't know whats this about, but I feel pretty crazy tonight from full moon and it made me write. I am not responsible for bad grammar and wrong choice of words...Its all the craziness from the moon today O_O Thank you :E

You show your pale cheek again
In front of darkest curtains.
Shrouded by infinite gazes,
that overlook your silhouette.

Your tired breathing is sweet,
sailing trough high treetops.
Your loudest words are silence,
and timid steps are fluent.

You take your sheets from heaven,
and release them down on soil.
You fill your fields with quiet,
when lit your candles cold aureole.

Its azure light was given,
there was no choice to choose.
Endless void your light is filling,
for seekers of the sooth.

You touch an ocean with languid kiss,
create a road of porcelain.
You crave for loving, thawing bond,
without drowning anyone.

You slowly fill a bowl with water,
and pour it on dried creek.
With grace you fill another,
in fall you splash it near your feet.

You look at crimson horizon,
burning line, which calls your tears.
In bright shine you are remaining
as a shadow of its gilt.

In blurry cry you gather strength.
You raise yourself, you almost scream…
Before in blinding flash you disappear,
and leave a trace of “morning” dew…

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Hop Daddy
Hop Daddy
3 weeks ago
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Very nice. I feel a lot of creative energy flowing from this. You must be in a good place. If so, that's awesome. It almost seems as if the words came to you in your mind faster than you could type them out. If so, I wonder if you have a little bit of automatic writing going on. Here's a video I found on that subject that may interest you:

Cheshire Cat
Cheshire Cat
3 weeks ago
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I love poetry and I really liked yours. Thanks for posting it. ;-)

2 weeks ago
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I usually don't like poetry (maybe because I haven't read those that really mean something or because I interpret them wrong) but wow. I really love this. It is great. 

Thanks for sharing 

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