Chasing my Spirituality

Corey Easton
Corey Easton
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I'm a radiator I'm radiating positive energies Listen to me when I speak cause I been meditating for millenniums to give you the wisdom I speak bright like a light I'm shinning so bright. got a computer science degree switched it up and now I'm majoring psychology. patience I got so come with me and let's take a walk. Waterfall in my chest if you come to me for wisdom enlightenment you will get. Light on my feet, nothing is holding me down I'm an angel when I sleep. Two types of wisdom I'm searching my soul for the wisdom inside of me, I got a gift that makes me a counselor when you speak. Six senses you see I'm reading your chakras as your speaking to me. no ego affecting me I gave that up cause it was mentally draining me. Camouflage hiding my true spirituality I'm doing work even when I sleep. My frequency on fleek even a crystal can't keep up with me. Angels watching over me so I won't be lost at sea. Transmitting my negativity into loving energy. I'm a plumber as your near me, unclogging your pipes I'm healing you spiritually. Free will as I choose, I choose the life of chasing my higher self. I'm a generator and I'm generating the truth you seek, teacher of teacher I'm even teaching my enemies
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