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Hop Daddy
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I am sorry to hear you are struggling. It seems for many of us, life is a struggle or test (depending on how you look at it). One thing to remember is that empaths are energy workers. I know you know this. The stuff you take in can bring you down. And being an empath you probably have some particularly strong energy yourself that you have used to help others. But be careful with that as you can accidentally bring yourself down with that same strong energy. When you judge a situation or put a negative label on it you will over time hex yourself (both mentally and spiritually).

We see in every day life two groups of people when it comes to good and bad luck. There are those that are very negative and let little things bring them down and get in their way. They seem to almost attract bad luck as they go through their day. And then you see the other group of people who let bad things roll on by and they don't let it impact their well being. They keep smiling, and have a great attitude. And good things seem to always come to them like magic. There is a lesson there that we can all learn from. Because whether we know it or not, we are putting ourselves in to one of those two groups each day based on how we label and react to what comes our way.

This is not an easy thing to master but is worth your time to try to flip your energy and fortune. If it helps as an example a couple weeks back I had a particularly bad start to my day that I was able to overcome. I didn't sleep well the night before so I woke up a bit off with my empath radar all lit up. My acid reflux was bothering me that morning. So I was cranky just stepping out of bed. I then broke a glass in the kitchen. And when I bent down to clean it up I whacked my head really hard on the corner of the table. I then misplaced my car keys. And then while running late to work, my car had a flat tire. As each negative thing hit me that morning I practiced taking deep breaths, letting the negative roll past me, and I didn't allow myself to react negatively and explode with anger and frustration. I just kept reminding myself that it was a beautiful day outside, and I was not going to let these things cause me to have a bad day. The whole chain of events seemed like some sort of karmic test. But I think I passed the test because my day did not crater and I ended up having a happy and productive day. And the things that had happened earlier that day that were unpleasant were in the past and made a good story to tell friends and family.

Cat Whisperer
Cat Whisperer
2 years ago
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You always have a way of putting such a positive spin on things :) Really needed the reminder that love is the root of all...

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