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Corey Easton
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I got good chi I manifest it like a factory
my creativity sparks positive energy
I got a fountain flowing out of me and my rivers rooted deep
Enlightenment I'm searching and enlightenment I shall achieve
I got peace when I speak even to my enemies
Glowing like the sun you can even keep up with me
Growing like a tree my branches spreading exponentially
My inner wisdom teaching me what I don't see I'm radiating positive energies
My challenges in life teaching me what I got to learn in order for what I need to be.
I'm shedding my skin like a snake transforming as I speak
The clouds in the sky showing me how to float through life patiently
These animals in the world teaching the truth you see
I'm not blind to the evil in the world but will shine my light bright enough to see a brighter future to increase the worlds frequency.
angels watching over me, I'm not alone in the struggle we in this as a team
I'm blindly following my intuition cause I understand the universe is watching over me
My higher self taking my hand and clearing a brighter future for me
my spirit be swapping I'm achieving higher frequencies
You don't understand what I'm doing but I'm a little different you see
I got a sixth sense and it makes me see the world differently
I open my heart to the world to clean up all the energy
I'm healing on this beat nothing can stop me, I'm the only one holding myself back from what I got to be
We each on our on path, so watch out if you block me from what I got to be your gonna need to sunglasses to see cause I'm a reactor radiating positive energies im a nuclear disaster when people stabbing daggers in me need to take a minute to process these energies
My crystals on fleek ascending out of my body from these higher frequencies I can sense you if you try to sneak up on me, cause I got invisible eyes looking out for me. Processing binary codes from the heavens to bring these lyrics to the heart of a beast
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