Dakota And The Bull

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7 years ago
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Ten year old Dakota hopped on her bike and rode it around on the family farm. "This isgreat!" She whizzed past her mother who was standing on the back porchwatching. "Be careful, Dakota dear." As she raced past the barn, sheheard a loud SNAP!. "Wonder what that was." Dakota stopped pedalingand turned to look. But she didn't see anything out of the ordinary. "Hmm.Guess it was nothing." She continued riding her bike around the drivewayand onto the grass near the big maple tree she liked to climb.

She had not ridden very far when she heard a loud Z-ZAP! and a horrible sounding cry comingfrom behind her. Dakota froze with fright. Wh-whos th-there? She got off herbike and looked behind her. A bull was heading straight towards her! It hadbroken through the electrical fence!

Trying hard to swallow the lump in her throat, Dakota got back on her bike. She pedaleddown the driveway as fast as she could. She glanced quickly behind her, seeingwhere the bull was. In doing so, Dakotawent airborne, flying over the handle bars as the front wheel of her bike hit aloose rock in the driveway. This sent her sliding halfway down the driveway onher stomach. Laying there, covered in dust and scrapes, Dakota quickly rolledaway out of the charging bulls path. Shescreamed as loud as she could, her heart pounding rapidly. She stood up, racing for the nearest tree asswiftly as her legs could go.

Dakota hid behind the large tree, then cautiously peeked around it. She watched as thebull screeched to a halt in the driveway, using its huge, sharp horns to tearapart her bike. She suddenly remembered what her father said earlier. Bullsare not fond of the colour red.

Dakota started to laugh nervously from her hiding spot as she watched the bull destroyher bike. He really wasnt after me. She paused to catch her breath. Mybike. Its red. Thats why he charged. She looked at the remains of her bikeand watched as the bull snorted and walked away.

The sight before her made Dakota howl with laughter. She quickly regained self-controland brushed the dirt from her clothing. Checking for cuts and bruises, Dakotastraightened up when she noticed her father was nearby.

Are you alright?, her father asked, walking up to her. Im fine. My bike isnt. Shepointed to the wreckage. She then volunteered to help her father round up thebull and put it in the barn.

Thanks to you, Ill need a new bike now, Dakota told the bull she shut him in his pen.The bull looked at her and snorted. I needed a new one anyway.

How about tomorrow we go into town to buy you a new bike, her father said as the two of them walked out of the barntogether. Well make it a blue one this time.

Sure, Dakota laughed. She watched her father as he locked the barn doors. Now, letsgo into the house and get you fixed up.

Dakota and her father into the house together. Dakota sat down and watched her mother getthe first aid kit from the pantry. Both her parents helped her as she cleanedup her cuts and scrapes.

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7 years ago
93 posts
Thank you, Spark.

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