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3 years ago
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Lingering in limbo

Suspended in time and space

Going nowhere

Doing nothing

I might just die in this place.

I am the stagnant pond outside

My world contained in a putrid hole

Filled with rotting algae

With nowhere to run

And no place to go.

The air is hot and heavy here

It's difficult to breathe

It hangs around like shackles

A constant, clinging oppressor

I feel but cannot see.

I am this crumbling old house

It's weak foundation, my arthritic bones

It's termites, my mental infection

It's wavy, creaky floors

Sing my mourning song.

Out front there is a graveyard

Where two young corpses lie

This whole place smells of death

There's nothing else to do here

We've come here to die.

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Cheshire Cat
Cheshire Cat
3 years ago
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Yikes! Well that is one way to look at where you live. I think its beautiful where you live, but I know the circumstances are making you crazy and I feel the same about where I live and am amazed when people compliment it.

Another very good poem. They always say "write about what you know", and I guess you've once again proved it's true, but I hope the ending of this poem proves false and life gives you a pleasant surprise.

3 years ago
897 posts

Thank you CCat. Some days okay, some days really not;|

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