The Tired Cat

4 years ago
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A laugh for the cat lovers here :)

The Tired Old Cat

The tired old cat
Needs to take a nap.
He's be running around
And needs to lie down.

When kitty wants to sleep
The sandman quickly creeps,
And cats always know best
Just where to rest.

He stretches out his legs
And twists his head
He curls in his toes
And tucks in his nose.

His body rolls together
He feels light as a feather
Soft as a marshmallow
He's a fluffy little fellow!

Then around goes his tail
Now he can sleep well!
The cosy little kitty
Is now sleeping pretty.


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Bill Walker
Bill Walker
4 years ago
742 posts

Children would love this poem. You pretty much captured a sleeping, or about to sleep, cat! Loved the poem!

4 years ago
897 posts

Thanks! I have problems with sleep. I was trying to learn from my cat...

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