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Hi Kimberly

My heart and spirit reach out to you with love. I, too, suffered years of physical and psychological abuse and it takes courage and time to overcome the hurt put in your spirit by those ( family and "friends") whom you trusted. Substanceabuse is acommon thread in thesestories.It is hard to forgive and move on. You are now here at the EC and will find comfort among many who have been where you are. If you have not received counselling I suggest that you do so. It will really help. You are not to blame for the abuse that you suffered. You are a victim. I cut all ties with family members and users from my past. You do not need to associate with people just because you share DNA. By writing this letter you have proven that you are a survivor and are healing. Thank you for sharing it with us. It will help others.

I am including some short videos that will help you feel better.

Has Anyone Told You

May You Be Blessed

You Are The Light

The Power of Love

The Gift of Forgiveness

This is a link to my YouTube channel where you can find hours of music by Liquid Mind. I always play itin my home and it is a great way to live in a constant peace filled atmosphere. This music is used in many clinical settings to calm the spirits of injured souls.

If I can be of help to you, or you just want to chat, please feel free to drop me a line. I am always here and will always answer. May healing angels surround you, heal your spirit, and infuse you with love.

Throw some love into the wind.


Bill Walker
Bill Walker
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Kimberly I admit to being a little confused here. I was wondering if, since you posted this in writers club,is thisat least in part, fiction ordoes it represent your real feelings at present? I have noticed that your posts have a dark edge to them and I too suffer from depression which is whatyour writing sounds like. The shackles of depression are difficult to break but it can be done. The hardest part of all is facing all of those demons inside of you and forgiving them first and then just letting them go. If you would like you can accept my friend request and I will give you advice when I can, but it's totally up to you! Peace Kim, Love surrounds you, please don't block it out.

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