The Buddha Awakens

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2 years ago
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The Buddha Awakens


Hmm.. where was I all this time?
Time? That is an illusion...
I know I was here but in a dream.
No more, I awaken with a ROAR!

The Lion and the Bear are with me.
I tire of looking at my navel when
there is so much to do. The time for
Contemplating is over!

The time of doing is NOW! Wake up
you sleepy heads and see HER. See her
in trouble and as my bride I come
to your rescue. Gaia I LOVE YOU!

I will be your champion until they
bother you no more. I say to them:
I SEE YOU! and you are insignificant,
powerless to stop it.

I now hold you in my hands, close to
my fiery heart and give of my VIBRATION
of Love Confort and Joy to you. For time
is very short and many still sleep.

But as I've proven in the past, all it
takes is THE ONE...ONE and it spells
the end to those that try and deny

So now feel this and quake...


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2 years ago
916 posts

Thank you MA. I feel the quickening in me and I also see it in others. All is a as it should be. Thank You for being a friend. I was reading last night how they were about to use new chem-trails that are not visible but deadlier because they are to be using radioactive materials. I went to sleep with that on my mind and I woke up and wrote that poem. It is both a statement and a warning to those that mess with Gaia. I will give her of my heart fire and let her do what she must, and like Pele, she can crush those offenders like fleas off a dog. Gaia is a real being as much as you or I with a consciousness. But all you have to do is go outside and place your left hand on the bare ground and your right over your heart and hear her. She speaks to all of us that are willing to listen. I chose to be her champion and will give her of my intense limit-less white fire. I hope you will too.

2 years ago
916 posts

Easy K, just look in your heart and see what you can bring out from your trip.

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