that thing that lurks in dark

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Yin Guest
5 years ago
85 posts

My eyes open but My body is stucken still

my palms sweat as I sense the being ready to pounce into the kill

the room is dark as the window begins to go darker

I see the her crawling through the darkness and I hear her laughter

her red eyes peer through her hood as she spots me

I close my eyes and pray she will go away and let me be

I here her scratching near, then she stops and everything is silent

I open my eyes, to see herdanglingupside down from the ceiling, I stay content

I take a deep breath and peer in her dark eyes, I'm not scared, Ismirkwith confidence

I know if I don't feel fear she has nothing to feed upon, therefor leave me without suspence

But this old hag wasn't keen on the idea and pounced on my chest

Her hood lifted up and a scary old hag screamed in my face! but I wasn't distressed

I like old people, she put her hood down once more and waited

she was reading me to find out what my fear was, she was irritated

There was a horse and it whinnied and there were other strange things which I can't recall

But what was my worst fear I couldn't remember, but then it hit me I was such a fool

I heard a growl, I felt her hands go hairy with claws growing out the end of her fingers

A massive snoutshone through the darkness and her hood flipped back and her dog breath lingers

A huge werewolf sat on me howling and growling, I shut my eyes in fear

I was paralyzed with no way of getting out, my heart raced as I hoped that the end would be near

as I waited in fear my chest lightened and so did the room,

I opened my eyes as my body loosened I sat up relieved at thedisappearance of Mr doom

the sunshone through my window as it hit my cheek

hopefully tomorrow I will get a better night sleep

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Yin Guest
5 years ago
85 posts

Thank you

Bill Walker
5 years ago
729 posts

Yep, quite a few of us on this site have met the Astral Night Hag. Great job of describing her!

Yin Guest
5 years ago
85 posts

for some reason, I get her only at a certain time of the year.

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