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If I tell you

Will you sympathize

With the struggle

To not manipulate

My way out of

Any situation

That is at all


My fear

Of losing control

My fear of

Wanting control

Of not wanting

To become

A sociopath

Will you think

It could never happen

One cruel word could shove me

Over the edge

Into oblivion

I should know

I've seen it

Will you trust me

When I tell you

I don't know if I trust


I am cursed

To see Eve's Apple dangling


In front of my face

Nothing prevents me

Every time I

Think about

It I feel good

And satisfied

And then I feel ashamed

Every day I see those who have

Partaken of this so called ambrosia

And see how happy

Their faces appear

As a joke

Of poor imitations of feeling

As if to make up

For the endless vacuum


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Bill Walker
Bill Walker
3 years ago
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Glad to see someone still using Writers Club. Great job!

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