My yin yang friend

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Yin Guest
5 years ago
85 posts

I stand there watching you look at me with those eyes full of hope

You know and sense that with my empathic gift I can help you cope

But what you don't know is that I am at war with myself

Picking up energy from all around, taking on peoples burden and fixing them like an elf

You are just like me and I am just like you, we are the same

When things started going wrong for you that's when I came

You say you've never had I friend like me well I've never had a friend like you.

I'm so full of unconditional love and cannot hate with my kind nature

So many people take advantage of memanipulateme like adictator

People say I'mnaive and too nice but you see it as a strength and not a weakness

You push me away because you don't how to ask for help but you know I'll always say yes

But I already know and feel whats wrong and I know what to do and you can feel it

My whole life I was searching for the one, that one that would understand me and would except it

I was called mental by one side of my family and called gifted from the other

If it was such a gift then why was it such a crime to be this thing I was since forever?

People would be scared of me say Ijinxed things because things I say would happen often

I would know things about people and tell them what they were feelingand their hearts would open

But you, you were not shocked or scared; in fact you were the opposite and intrigued

You accepted it like none else; I opened your eyes and help you believe the make believed

We are like twins and everything I you feel I feel, I may go deep but deeper I wont dare

Im always there for you no matter what, though you dont show it I know you deeply care

Your very shy and easily missed still I noticed you, as being a psychic empath has its perks

I was advanced for my age and I had the power to banish the pain from where it lurks

Not just by magic but by being there for you again and again

You always there for me and for this our friendship has no end

So I thank you again my yin yang friend

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Yin Guest
5 years ago
85 posts

On verse twenty there is an extra I sorry

and its "your" on the second to last line sorry!

Bill Walker
5 years ago
729 posts

About twenty years ago I asked a very close friend of mine why some people acted and treated me so strangely when I was around them and she said, "Because sometimes you scare the hell out of them by knowing things that you shouldn't or couldn't possibly know."

What's funny about that was that whatever it was that I was saying it was totally unconscious on my part. It wasn't like I was trying to do a reading or read their thoughts or anything like that. And I certainly never really knew that I was doing that before she said that. However, now all these years later, whenever anyone looks at me really wierdly I instantly revert back to what she said.

I can relate to your poem!

Yin Guest
5 years ago
85 posts

thank you for your reply, I wanted to write a poem that people could relate to and understand. And most of the things I do, I'm unconsciously unaware as well, but my friend seemed totally normal to it as if I was no different to anyone else.

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