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I channelled the following poem from spirit after receiving a clairvoyant message from my Dad, I went to bed that night, woke up and just scribbled the poem down in a couple of minutes, I am not sure if I would call it inspired writing or direct writing from spirit, it certainly was not written by me. It is a true story of his experience.

My Arnhem Hero

He is off again to war once more
The most awesome sight you ever saw
A beret perched upon his head
A distinguished sight, the deepest red

On his way, he waves goodbye
Another journey in the sky
No-one knew what lay ahead
Thousands jumped and thousands dead

Out of the plane and on his way down
Shot in the back before he hit the ground
Captured and taken as prisoner of war
With so many others, so many more

Eight months of torture with nothing to eat
Cold, wet and hungry and nowhere to sleep
He could take no more of this living hell
He had to escape, and he did as well

Making his way through the woods by night
Desperately keeping himself out of sight
So weak and fragile and so very thin
To deserve all of this, what was his sin?

Two weeks went by, it felt like a year
Then all of a sudden he gave a cheer
His journey was over, in front of him stood
An american soldier, right there in the wood

Rescued at last, it was now at an end
Along the way he lost his best friend
Back in England, home at last
Never to mention his awful past

To help him forget his awful strife
He came home to his lovely wife
And in her arms she held tight
His six week old baby, what a sight

With so many others and without a fuss
I will never forget what he did for us
I will remember him always and when i'm sad
I remember the Dad!

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Bill Walker
Bill Walker
2 years ago
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WOW, that is quite a gift from your Dad in his spirit form. He must have felt incredibly inspired to alert you to such a message. It actually makes m wonder if perhaps your life is at a crossroads of some kind and he felt it important to send this message of love and survival to you so that you would be inspired enough to face your own challenges with love creativity and compassion for all!

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Hi Sonia

This is a very lovely poem and I am sure that it is inspired from above.

Each day I click on this link Greater Goodwhich is a sponsored site that does a lot of great work for many charities ( Veterans, Breast Cancer, Diabetes,Animals, Rain Forest etc...) It costs nothing to help others through this site as the sponsors of these charities are reimbursed through tax breaks. You can click on the above link and when you get there apply for adaily email reminder in the top right hand area of the HOME page of the Greater Good site.

If you would like help in deepening your connection to him I suggest that you read up on the Archangel Azrael at the following link. Archangels and You

Once again thank you for posting this lovely poem and I am sure that your Dad was letting you know that he is very proud of you and is always near by if you ever wish to chat.

Throw some love into the wind.


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Thank you Bill that is very relevant for me right now!! I am being torn between working in the physical world and working for spirit which are minor in comparison to what he suffered. I guess we sometimes need to look further than our own noses to see the bigger picture. Thank you again xx

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Bless you Bing, thank you for your comments xx I will take a look at the Greater Good site as I instinctively feel it is something i'd like. The Archangels seem to be calling to me lately, in the last week I have had 3 different signs...this one being the third, am so very grateful for that, so thank you again xx

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