Is it love or a sin?

Yin Guest
Yin Guest
5 years ago
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What sort of world is this?

I fell in love was it really that bad?

She was indescribable, beautiful

But I don't think they'd understand

I sat and wondered

Is thislife reallyfor me?

They view meas a disgrace

But whycan't they see

It was an accident, I didn't mean to

I fell in love with the wrong gender

Isit really that bad to feel the feelings I do?

Am I mentally ill, am I a sinner?

She doesn't feel the same?

The pain in my chest, it won't go away

I lover her, no words can express it

I sit and think about her everyday

She's straight, it can't be helped

What I feel is unnatural.A sin

So tell me God if I'm in the wrong

Why would you do such a thing?

Why have I been made this way?

The one I deeplylove, doesn't love me

The pain is so strong, what is the point?

I should be stronger and take responsibility

She touches and loves men

But she'd never caress me

I long for her touch, her love

But she rejects my affinity

We were close friends, inseparable

But I felt something stronger

I felt torn when we were apart

I craved her presencefor longer

I'm disgusting, repulsive and deserve to be rejected

She'd never love me for me

Shewould never overlook my gender

It justwasn't meant to be

Each night I'd slowlycry myself to sleep

Slowlydying inside with every breath

Maybe one day she'll return the feelings

But then reality brings the thought to death

She's found someone, someone better

It ruinedme internally, I began to wither

Maybe there is no hope for me in love

Am I destinedto repeat mistakeslike my family?

I don't believe in truelove, just hurt

The Last night I used a shining sword

To cutmyself apathway to heaven, or hell

Please forgive me lord, if I can even be forgiven

This life, This world,with corrupt societies

Nothing to live for and not worth living

So much hate, ignorance and arrogance

I'm too sensitive, but every end has a new beginning

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Yin Guest
Yin Guest
5 years ago
85 posts
After the stanza last line being "but then reality brings the thought to death"I would kiss her slowely and love her gentlyI would watch her sleep and softly caress herI would hold her close and sqeeze her tightAnd fight all her demons with all my might.Then it carries on to "She's found someone better"I missed this stanza out by accident. Yin x
Bill Walker
Bill Walker
5 years ago
742 posts

She sounds like a soul mate, but this time around she decided to take a break. If that makes sense?

Yin Guest
Yin Guest
5 years ago
85 posts

yes it does, I do believe in soul mates.Thank you for replying, Yin x

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