Cornmeal Mush

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2 years ago
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Just as soon as your kids are grown
Your parents will come to live in your home
Or even worse, you'll go to their place
And never again know personal space.

For a moment you thought At last, I'm free!
But no way was it going to be.
Instead of serving your daughters and sons
Now you're chained to the no-longer-young.

Instead of chicken nuggets, mac and cheese
It's cornmeal mush that's sure to please
There will be no dinners out on the town
No trip to China or traveling around.

Instead of worn nerves from ADHD
Your patience is taxed by the loud TV
No more games or playing with rocks
Now it's medicines and visits to docs.

The lively energy is now turned down
Happy faces replaced by frowns
No more bright eyes with messy hair
Now it's mom dozing in the chair.

Anime, Popeye and silly jokes
Replaced with old stories and repeats of Gun Smoke
Rubber ducks and toy ships have floated downstream
In came the efferdent and hemorrhoid cream.

Yet more patience you must find
'Coz it looks like dad is loosing his mind
Goodness know I love them, I surely do,
I know it's rough, what they're going through

Before long, I know, it will be my turn
But there is one thing that I have learned
None of us know what's ahead for us
But for me, I sure hope it's not cornmeal mush.

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Bill Walker
2 years ago
729 posts

Awesome job, bothsarcastically funny and sobbingly serious at the same time, gave me pause to reflect on my upcoming final chapters!

2 years ago
898 posts

Thanks Bill...Tragically humorous. My dad really eats the stuff....gruel! Just a little OCPD...

Cheshire Cat
2 years ago
1,194 posts


As you know, I LOVE this cathartic poem and I think it's time for another of your little gems, ie. another book of poetry as good as that last one, which was fab! :-)

2 years ago
898 posts

Thanks, Cat. Hopefully by the time I have enough for another book, some of them will be happy:)

Kit Kat
2 years ago
230 posts

Great poem! Made me smile :)

2 years ago
731 posts

Brilliant stuff Ecila. I think it must be a good thing that I don't know what cornmeal is! :)

2 years ago
898 posts

Thank you Robin. One morning he left me some on the stove with a note that said "This is corn meal mush, what John Brown, whose body is mouldering in the ground, (a reference to an old song) fed his troupes on the battlefield." Quite the character, my dad.

Cornmeal is a staple here in the southern states! Cornbread is really good.

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