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And just as widely and essentially as the heavenly memory differs from the earthly, so doth the heavenly personality differ from that of the material creature.

Thou mayest the more easily gather somewhat of the character of the heavenly personality by considering the quality of that of the highest type of mankind on earth,--the Poet.

The poet hath no self apart from his larger self. Other men pass indifferent through life and the world, because the selfhood of earth and heaven is a thing apart from them, and toucheth them not.

The wealth of beauty in earth and sky and sea lieth outside their being, and speaketh not to their heart.

Their interests are individual and limited: their home is by one hearth: four walls are the boundary of their kingdom,--so small is it!

But the personality of the poet is divine: and being divine, it hath no limits.

He is supreme and ubiquitous in consciousness: his heart beats in every element.

The pulses of all the infinite deep of heaven vibrate in his own: and responding to their strength and their plenitude, he feels more intensely than other men.

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Not merely he sees and examines these rocks and trees: these variable waters, and these glittering peaks.

Not merely he hears this plaintive wind, these rolling peals.

But he is all these; and with them--nay, in them--he rejoices and weeps, he shines and aspires, he sighs and thunders.

And when he sings, it is not he--the man--whose voice is heard: it is the voice of all the manifold Nature herself.

In his verse the sunshine laughs: the mountains give forth their sonorous echoes; the swift lightnings flash.

The great continual cadence of universal life moves and becomes articulate in human language.

O joy profound! O boundless selfhood! O God-like personality!

All the gold of the sunset is thine; the pillars of chrysolite; and the purple vault of immensity!

The sea is thine with its solemn speech, its misty distance, and its radiant shallows!

The daughters of earth love thee: the water-nymphs tell thee their secrets; thou knowest the spirit of all silent things!

Sunbeams are thy laughter, and the rain-drops of heaven thy tears; in the wrath of the storm thine heart is shaken: and thy prayer goeth up with the wind unto God.

Thou art multiplied in the conscience 1 of all living creatures; thou art young with the youth of Nature; thou art all-seeing as the starry skies:

Like unto the Gods,--therefore art thou their beloved: yea, if thou wilt, they shall tell thee all things;

Because thou only understandest, among all the sons of men!

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