Buying Time

4 years ago
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With my fears I go to bed

Sorting them neatly in my head

And maybe while I sleep I'll find

Assurance absent in waking mind.

There are no answers to some worries

And time doesn't have to hurry

It calmly passes with each season

Never hinting about its reasons.

While I try to hold together

What's falling apart amidst the weather

The birth of spring; the summers bloom

The winter's chill; the autumns doom.

Nature dances in rain and snow

As falling leaves and new plants grow

We've been through spring, summer and fall

But I fear the winter I now hear call.

Will we go another year round?

As he continues to break down

Knowing what's to be will be

I feel decay; like you, like me.

So now to drag myself to bed

With these worries in my head

Of a battle that can't be fought,

Bargained with or dearly bought.

updated by @ecila: 07/19/17 06:16:16PM
Bill Walker
Bill Walker
4 years ago
742 posts

That's really good. And very well written! Hats off to you! LOL

4 years ago
897 posts

thank you

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